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How much is this business worth, more or less?

Updated: Jul 25

In our serie "The importance of P's" about the steps and process in buying and selling a business, our reflection over price, value and valuation.

Whoever answers this question with a number, doesn´t know what he or she is talking about, or tries to fool the one asking the question, and shouldn't be trusted.

What one should ask oneself when considering the sale of his/her company is: what would my business be worth in the current market, and why?

"Value is what you have, price is what you can get for it"

Buying and selling a business or company isn't just about the price, although it's the first thing that comes to mind of the owners looking to sell, and future owners searching for a business to buy.

Learn what you need to know about the various values a company or business can have, the difference with setting the right price and what an owner can expect to receive net, and a buyer should be willing/able to pay!

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