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Tip #2: The Importance of Price

In our series of articles for “P’s of Mind” when buying or selling a business

Few things are so important when you're considering selling a business as the price you can get for the business.

What you should ask yourself is: Do I (that's me, myself) really know what my business is worth in today's market, and can I back that up?

"Value is what you have, price is what you can get"

Buying or selling a business or company is not just about money, but it's the money that most business owners, current and future, are foremost worried about, when considering buying or selling.

The asking price works as a first filter for potential buyers, but is a double-edged sword: it can attract the wrong buyers and scare the right ones! Think well, is your price based on facts and numbers or on emotion and dreams?

Ask us all you want to know how to fix a realistic price for your business:

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