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What is it that you want?

Since 2003 Empresius and its' associated companies have been assisting owners (sellers) and future owners (buyers/investors)  of companies in transferring the ownership of businesses.

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"Plan your work,
work your plan"

What is the process?

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EMPRESIUS is an online platform providing online and offline services to facilitate the buying and selling of small and medium-sized businesses.  On this site you’ll find all steps in the process of buying and selling (when someone wants to sell, there must be someone selling, and the other way around, so the selling process is mirrored by a buying process, although the timing and sequence of the various steps will differ). During the 7-steps process a seller and buyer need a number of the different specialists that could and should be involved during one, or various steps of the process (or the entire process). EMPRESIUS offers the services of these specialists to current owners (the sellers) and future owners (the buyers/investors) of businesses and we collaborate with other specialists (professional parties) to realize more transactions and transfers of ownership of a business (or company or business asset). By doing so we help small business owners to successfully leave their companies, retire or start a new venture, and new entrepreneurs and investors to get a (new) business, and realize economic gains for all involved: old and new owners, employees, providers and clients. ​

"Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail"

Selling a business

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Buying a business

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Who can help you?

Know the experts that could and should be involved, get the professional assistance you need, what you need and when you need it!

Meet the team of experts and specialists:

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The Assistant

For all your questions and inquiries!

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The Appraiser

Ask for a quotation

You don't know what you don't measure

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The Promoter


When, where and how to find what you're looking for

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The Intermediary


Take care of your business, selling

it is our business

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One chance to make a

 first impression

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The Accountant

We´ll check it

You can't sell

what you can't show


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The Lawyer

Cover your back

A bad deal is often better than a good courtcase

Please select the assistant if you want to know more, the personal assistant is there to help you!

Or click here to book an appontment for a 1-on-1 call!

In case you know in what area you need help, go directly to the team member you need or click here!

How can we help you?

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Library of documents

Let us know what you (think) you need and we will provide you with standard and/or customized documentation.

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  • Reports

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