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In most businesses there is real estate involved: be it offices, a store, a bar-restaurant, a workplace, a warehouse, a plant, a terrain etc. Be it in ownership or rented. Where real estate is involved, there are values, costs, paperwork of ownership or rental agreements, maintenance, taxes etc.

When entering in a process of selling a business you should get an expert opinion on the premises, the place (or places) where the business is located, from where it is conducted and managed, where the employees are working from.
You need a clear idea not only about the financial aspects (taxation) and legal position (legal due diligence), but also all practical issues and possibilities that are related with owning or renting real estate in a selling process of a business.

Empresius works together with many real estate agencies that can give you the information needed, depending where your business is located (knowledge and expertise of the local situation are absolute requirements when contracting an expert in this field).

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