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The Banker

The Banker

How to finance buying a company or what to do with funds received when you sold one?

In any buying and selling transaction (almost any) money and funds will change hands. Banks are getting involved for the financial part of a transaction, on either side, being it to transfer funds or to receive them. These funds can be owned by one or both of the parties, they can be borrowed, in part or all of it.

It is important to know as early as possible in the course of a process if a transaction is going to be financially feasible. Otherwise, a lot of time is going to be wasted on issues that are not going to materialize when the transfer cannot be financed (time is money!)

Ask us for information when it is needed to include banks, and when; what needs to be done to get financing (what other alternatives to bank financing are there?) or what you need to know when you are on the receiving end of the funds. Money makes the world go around!

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