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FAQts & TiPs

Updated: Feb 5

By Empresius: our services explained.

At Empresius we work to help business owners retire from their business, by helping them find a successor or buyer, or close the business.

We also assist future business owners to find, found or fund their business.

We offer our assistance where needed/wanted: in a specific part of the process, during a limited time or during the entire process.

In a series of articles on our website (blog) we name a number of topics that are important to consider for the sellers, buyers or both. We do this in 1-page slides at the time and we call these:

· FAQts Frequent Asked Questions to specialists

· TiPs The importance of P’s

FAQts refer to topics that always come up in processes of buying selling a business and that can/must be attended by specialists in those topics.

TiPs are important suggestions to think about when embarking on buying or selling a business and are a reference to the famous 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion).

In the buying and selling of a business we have specified 12 different “P’s” that are important to consider during these processes.

We have assigned a specialist service to each of these 12 topics that require the attention of buyers and sellers of a business.

Please consult our website (Team of Specialists) to discover which "P's" we have specified and what sort of specialist you require to deal with that specific topic, by clicking here: Services Rendered

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