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Our Range of Services

Empresius offers services related to the transfer of ownership of companies and businesses. either an entire company (through the buying or selling of the shares or the assets), or a part of the business.


Empresius offers these specialized services on a platform of information and with very clear and transparent explanations of the steps needed in a process of a buying selling (transfer) of the ownership of a business. 


These steps and services are associated with professionals who can perform the needed services: one specific task, during a limited part or during the entire process.


With Specialized Services we refer to the individual services that are needed to help with an exit (or entry) of a company, or the process to sell or buy (or close or liquidate) a business, a company and/or its assets. 


Empresius offers the needed services for a specific step, or part of the process. Empresius can also assist in finding and selecting a professional intermediary or mediator offering these services as a package and assist during the entire process. 


These services include (*):

  • valuations and price opinions for companies, 

  • the preparation and writing of sales memorandums and teasers, 

  • setting up data rooms, 

  • setting up a media plan to promote the sale, activities like advertising a listing, the use of data bases of contacts,

  • the writing of the ads (in various languages), 

  • providing documentation and templates for questionnaires, checklists.

  • conducting the interviews with interested parties,

  • helping in negotiations in representation of one party, or as an independent mediator,

  • assistance with deal structuring (maximizing net income or minimizing risks and investments) and also 

  • contracted assistance (paid by hour/day/ month) for a limited time or process like the negotiation processes, supervising due diligence processes, or other specialized tasks.


(*) always check availability of services; certain services can be temporarily not available due to high demand.

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