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Mission, or, why do we do what we are doing?

We have been active in the Spanish and international market for buying and selling companies for over 20 years.

During those years we have helped hundreds of people to sell or exit their businesses and helped to fulfill the dreams of new and young entrepreneurs of becoming their own boss.

By doing so we have helped to create and save thousands of jobs and helped to open new businesses or kept existing companies open for current and new clients and providers.

We have also trained and helped hundreds of new professionals in assisting owners of businesses to sell or exit or to help new entrepreneurs with the acquisition or opening of their companies.

We strongly believe that the best way for people to control their destiny is to be able to work independently, to become their own boss and to be able to retire and enjoy the fruits of a life of hard work by selling or exiting their companies successfully.

We have seen that over the years hundreds of thousands of companies had to close, for a number of reasons, but often because of a lack of succession or for being unable to find buyers.

We believe we can make a difference by assisting current and future business owners to find each other and to help them with the transfer of the ownership of the company, business or business assets.

To allow current owners to exit and leave a successful company in the hands of a new generation or another entrepreneur.

To help new business owners and entrepreneurs to get started in their quest for independence and success as an independent

business owner.

We are also aware that the market for buying and selling small companies lacks professional support to be able to realize more transfers of ownership of companies, businesses or business assets.

We therefor are glad to share our experience with interested parties in becoming a professional in the field of business brokerage, exit and entry strategy planning and search engagements.

The period in which a transfer of ownership of a business or company takes place is often a difficult period for all parties (stakeholders) involved: current and future owners, employees, clients and providers. It is there not business as usual during that period; it is an exceptional period, that requires all help one could get to make the transfer period a success. We like to help during that period of business as unusual!

Take the plunge

"We have helped hundreds of current and new owners during that exceptional period of a transfer of ownership of a company"


"During a transfer of ownership of a company it is not business as usual.
Get help to make it a success!"

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