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Empresius S.L.


Empresius forms part of the activities of several professional parties, all dedicated at making the transfer of the property of a small business, or a company (SME or in Spanish PYME), easier and increase the likelihood for current owners to sell, and for future owners to be able to buy, those businesses and activities.

See below a short introduction to some other companies and their activities.


We have been active in the Spanish and international market for buying and selling companies for over 20 years.

During those years we have helped hundreds of people to sell or exit their businesses and helped to fulfill the dreams of new and young entrepreneurs of becoming their own boss.

By doing so we have helped to create and save thousands of jobs and helped to open new businesses or kept existing companies open for current and new clients and providers.


We have also trained and helped hundreds of new professionals in assisting owners of businesses to sell or exit or to help new entrepreneurs with the acquisition or opening of their companies.

We all have our specific expertise and we are all convinced that by sharing more information and knowledge of the complex transaction that is the transfer of ownership of a business, that this will help all stakeholders and parties involved, and that we all will benefit of that transfer.

Simply put, better informed people will lead to better and more deals and we truly will have win-win solutions where

even the state (taxes!) will benefit!.


About  us

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Affiliated Companies

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B.A. Boss is an established and reliable company in the intermediation of buying and selling companies and businesses in Spain.


With more than 20 years of operating and hundreds of transactions concluded few companies can match the experience and expertise of B.A. Boss.

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Mynbest Crowdfunding PFP ("·Plataforma de Financiación Participativa") es una empresa Española de la financiación alternativa.


Fundada como una empresa de crowdfunding (financiación por aportes pequeños entre muchos) se esta convertiendose como una empresa más general de las posibilidades de conseguir financiación por varios fuentas para empresas pequeñas, nuevas empresas y la transferencia de la propiedad de empresas.

Logo MYN grey background EMP website.png effectively matches supply and demand of companies and we do it successfully and on a large scale. To connect our main page visitors - entrepreneurs (starters) and advisers - in a free and accessible way, we have created this interesting platform. The only limitation is the asking price, which must be more than €100,000 on our website. 

The focus of is on SME in Spain. In addition, we also have platforms in other countries, such as for the Netherlands, and for Belgium and for Germany. All together, we reach a large portion of the total (international) market.

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