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About us

Business as Unusual.


What's in a name? We have thought of this title for this website to express

the extraordinary time in the life-cycle of a company - and in the life of

most entrepreneurs and current and future business owners- when the

ownership of a business changes hands.


Business as Usual, B.a.U. ("be a you") is an online platform of professional

parties dedicated to collaborate with the current and future owners of

businesses in realizing more successful transitions in ownership of a

business (or company or business asset) and by doing so help small

business owners to successfully leave their companies, new entrepreneurs

to become business owners and realize economic gains for all involved. 

B.a.U. is not a charity or not-for-profit organization. Our collaborators are all professionals who have specialized in helping entrepreneurs during this specific period of time in theirs, and their companies, lives. 

We all have our specific expertise and we are all convinced that by sharing more information and knowledge of the complex transaction that is the transfer of ownership of a business, that this will help all stakeholders and parties involved, and that we all will benefit of that transfer. Simply put, better informed people will lead to better and more deals and we truly will have win-win solutions where even the state (taxes!) will benefit!.

B.A. Boss

B.A. Boss is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the sector of buying and selling small businesses in Spain. With more than 20 years of history and hundreds of operations carried out, there are few companies with the experience and knowledge that B.A. Boss.



Mynbest Crowdfunding PFP

Mynbest Crowdfunding PFP ("Participatory Financing Platform") is a Spanish alternative financing company. Founded as a crowdfunding company (financing by small contributions among many) it is becoming a more general company with the possibilities of obtaining financing from various sources for small companies, new companies and the transfer of ownership of companies.​

Bizalia (  connects the supply and demand of companies or businesses for sale and we do it successfully and on a large scale.'s focus is on SMEs in Spain. Additionally, there are also associated platforms in other countries, like for the Netherlands, for Belgium and for Germany.

All together, a large part of the European and Latin American market is covered.

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